Nauka Vihar

Nauka vihar
The boat festival is celebrated during the month of May. When the heat of the summer is at its peak, the Lord is taken on a boat ride in the nearby pond, Bana Ganga. Bringing forth their most creative talents, devotees make an attractive boat, decorated lavishly with fragrant flowers and garlands. At dusk, as the ‘utsava vigrahas’ are taken on a boat ride in the pond, the devotees witness the event sitting on the stone steps on the side of the pond. Watching their Lordships on a pleasure ride, the cheering devotees are overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. Accompanied by soft, soothing music for the Lord’s pleasure, the boat is steadily taken across the pond. As the sun sets, the extravaganza intensifies with the waters reflecting the illuminated boat – a sight that pacifies the mind and brings joy to the heart.

Ban Ganga enhances the faith in the religious, and bewilders the scientists. The story goes that Lord Ram, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord who traversed the earth ages ago, came to this place during His earthly pastimes. He shot an arrow into the earth and out flowed water of the Ganges that filled this pond. It’s said that even today the water in this pond has its source in the Ganges. One convincing proof is that the water contained in Ban Ganga is sweet despite the Arabian Sea that’s only meters away. Scientists have no alternative explanation for this phenomenon.