The Radha Gopinath Community of Love


Unarguably, the most powerful unifying force is love; and when that love has its foundation in the truth, the unity that it can bring about eclipses all sectarian differences. The truth is that every living entity is a divine part of God, and thus is related to every other living entity in creation. A vivid example wherein it is strived to translate these esoteric principles into practical reality is the Radha Gopinath Community, the spiritual community centered on Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple.

Real love is about sacrifice and service, real love is not about exploitation. Therefore, for a community to be built on real love, each member should be in a mood of servitude. And there is no question of genuine servitude as long as he/she thinks himself/herself better than others. “Prabhupad used to say that Vaikuntha(spiritual world)  is where everyone thinks that everyone else is better than him/her. We try to put ourselves at the last and everyone else in the front. It should be an atmosphere where everyone thinks oneself to be a servant of all. If you want to create Vaikuntha, then there is no other way than to spread this consciousness. Only then will the society flourish,” says Radhanath Swami in this connection. This flavor of servitude is conspicuous to anyone who visits Radha Gopinath temple.

Real love is also about appreciating others and caring for others. Radhanath Swami talks of the Radha Gopinath family, “We found that it was so very important to create a family environment in which every single devotee feels loved and appreciated.”

Here’s  a  film on the Radha Gopinath temple, most of the footage are from the late 90’s.

Radhanath Swami speaks on “Finding Unity in Diversity.”

The reality is that we are all children of God.  And we must show our love for our father by how we treat our brothers and sisters.  No matter how many gifts you give to your father and mother, if you punch your brother in the face, are they going to be pleased with your gifts?  No.  The gifts that you offer them will be meaningful when they’re offered with love, and that love is expressed by understanding the heart of the mother and the father.  They love all their children, and there is nothing greater to a mother and father than seeing the children having unity, love and trust amongst each other. If your sister has a disease, do you hate your sister or do you hate the disease?  If the disease is there, you hate the disease, but simultaneously you feel compassion, which is a symptom of love, for your sister.  There are people acting in crazy, violent, and unethical ways; that’s their disease. But deep within their heart is the atma, the soul, which is pure, which is part of God, which is our brother or sister.  In a person who understands the self there can be no hatred towards anyone.  There can only be love and compassion.   We are all part of God, and when we develop our own inner awareness of our own relationship with the Supreme, naturally we see every living entity in connection to that relationship.  That is the inner unity extending to create unity within the world.

The Nations of the world have been striving for unity. They began after World War I with The League of Nations, yet there was World War II. So they made the United Nations, and still there is so much conflict in this world.  Although these various social and political efforts are necessary within society to keep order and to create some kind of unity, essentially, it can only be done on the level of truth, on the level of spirit. If we want to see unity in diversity, we have to understand how we are all unified, how we are all one despite all the apparent differences.

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