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Jhulan Yatra Festival

Jhulan YatraJhulan Yatra is celebrated in the sacred month of Shravana (July-August). It is a five day festival that begins on the Pavitropanna Ekadashi and continues till Purnima. Many devotees engage themselves in decorating the Jhulan (swing) with different types of colourful, fragrant flowers and creepers. On the evening of the first day,

Radhagopinath Brahmotsava

BrahmotsavaEvery year this day is a big celebration in the temple with thousands of devotees gathering to celebrate the day and leaving so many visitors confused whether it is Janmastami (Appearance Day of Lord Krishna) celebrations in temple. This year also the day started like every day at 5 am with the sound of concshell

Holi – Festival of Colors

HoliHoli is celebratedon the day after Gaura purnima. On this day, Their Lordships Sri sri Radha Gopinath are dressed in special holi outfits, and all the eight gopis (Astha Sakhis)

Nauka Vihar Festival Celebrated at Thane

Nauka Vihar Festival Celebrated at ThaneChants of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ echoed around the area of Masunda Lake commonly known as Talaopali in Thane as followers of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) community celebrated

Sri Radhashtami



Sri Sri Radha and Krishna are the eternal Divine Couple and are forever bound in transcendental love for one another. Worshipping Them is the goal of life for Gaudiya Vaisnavas. This esoteric subject matter, which has been eulogized by great saints, is not openly discussed by devotees; but on this very special day devotees remind themselves of the sublime goal of their devotional practices.Click Here to view the photos of Radhastami 2011

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