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Glories of Srimati Radharani


The special lecture series by His Holiness Bhakti Purushottam Swami Maharaj on “Glories of Srimati Radharani”, Who enlightened the thousands of devotees on various pastimes of Srimati Radharani …

Who is Srimati Radharani?

Radhanath Swami on The Auspiciousness

“The auspiciousness of any situation is how it brings us closer to Krishna”

– Radhanath Swami

Month end …. but spirits are still High

Book DistributionNews from Akola.
BT party of Amravati has now reached Akola. This party is concentrating on one to one book distribution in taluka places, villages . As month is approaching its end, it is sometimes difficult to distribute books as generally people do not

“Journey Home sells Krishna book” – Marathon Special – 2012

Deepak Bagla PrabhuAs marathon picked up, one of our congregation devotees Deepak Bagla pr (Damodar Bhav pr) wanted to put up Srila Prabhupad books stall at an Annual gathering of a big MNC company in

Good People even in HELL- Gujarat samachar – Marathon Special – 2012

Book Distribution at Nadiad Gujarat“Bharuch na singdaana, Jamnagari Farshan, Surat nu Undhiyo, Rajkot nu Penda, Anand nu Amul Srikhand ane ISKCON ni Bhagavad Gita ….levich jove”…. WHILE IN GUJARAT – One must definitely buy

“Mothers Sankirtan party” humbly strike – a BIG DEAL

Amazing mircales can happen even on a railway bridge while u distribute books. This happened at Mira road railway station. While Mothers group were standing, Waving, shouting to catch the attention of commuters running either to catch

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