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Programs for Young Women


Chetana, as the word indicates, it refers to “Consciousness”. So Chetana is a festival of awakening the real inner consciousness leading to real happiness. It’s a revolutionary monthly fest which encourages and cheers up the young girls towards Sanguinity.

In today’s hasty running life, it is indeed important for girls to maintain the balance between innumerable activities and responsibilities.The warm blooded youth is always super energetic and enthusiastic to reach sky in accordance to their Goal, Career and competitive race of life. But it’s a great need in this modern era to guide the girls on the right path as it takes absolutely no time in today’s age to fall prey to the unfortunately attractive addictions. Chetana channelizes this super energy of girls in positive direction.

C: Cognizant
H: Hope
E: Enlightening
T: Tranquility
A: Arousing
N: Nourishing
A: Assertive

Chetana is a blend of Fun, Culture, Value education and Spirituality. Especially the Culture with a touch of Spirituality acts as a backbone and Catalyst in guiding the girls to step on the right pathway by taking prudent decisions at right time. Profound speakers are invited to guide the young girls by enlightening them on selected fascinating topics with the help of multimedia presentations which surely helps in revitalizing their Mind, Body and Soul and surcharges the positive energy into them. Various skits are performed by the girls relevant to the topic by making it livelier. At the end of the class, all the girls are given the most awaited opportunity to ask questions or queries to those excellent speakers at personal and spiritual level leading to the great satisfaction.Brainstorming class is followed by refreshing ecstatic dancing kirtan and sumptuous dinner.

Few examples of the topics that were discussed in past Chetana are:

  •  Art of Self confidence
  •  Improving Landscape of our life
  •  Culture of Respect
  •  Overcoming Stress
  •  Power of Character, etc.

Ultimately thoughts lead to actions. So Chetana gives an assertive vision to the thought process of girls by making them spiritually enlivened to move ahead confidently in this journey of life.

IYF Girls camp

Every year an amazing camp for young girls is conducted by IYF. In this fast life of busy schedules, we tend to get fried up with many things like same work, same work culture, same lifestyle and life seems to be too monotonous. Many times we hardly remove time to take a break or hang out. The way mobile phones need to get charged up, in the same way our mind, body & soul needs charging.Girls camp acts as an excellent charger to boost up the energy.

Girl’s Camp is conducted at different locations once in a year for around 3 days in the outskirts of city away from the frightening crowd, irritating horns & pollution causing gases of city life. The most exciting & interesting part of camp is its “Theme”. The theme is the base of the camp upon which girls are being trained & taught the different values of life with a most important ladder of God Consciousness. It is said that “Faith can move mountains”. So this mountain moving faith is imbibed in girls by increasing their confidence and decreasing their stress. It’s not only learning but an exciting blend of Fun, Games, Trekking, Sports & various cultural activities with a platform of Spirituality.

Life is incomplete without good friends and we all need friends at every point of time in our life. Camp provide an excellent opportunity to make so many good friends who can help to elevate each other mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here all girls spend time together while learning the important values of life, they perform various dramas on the spot with brainstorming ideas, they dance together for the pleasure of Lord and sing the Kirtan together giving peace to their hearts. Also various competitions are conducted by making groups among-st the girls with fascinating prizes in return. Along with this various gifts are exchanged among-st the girls as a token of their love for each other improving the skills of developing interpersonal relationships.

At the end of the camp, girls return home fully recharged with a treasure of values, Spirituality, Self confidence & nonetheless lots of lovely friends.