Young men

Programs for Young men


The festival of inspiration & joy for youth

Prerana is festival of chanting, dancing and feasting, through the medium of which the original, blissful, Vedic culture of India is introduced to the youth. ‘Prerana’ is a Festival for teenage boys . They focus on the contemporary social issues/problems bothering the youth and inspire the younger generation of India to accept a God centered life and make their lives more regulated, purposeful and joyful.These festivals attract thousands of youngsters from all over Mumbai. These programs begin with a devotional chant followed by a drama. Then a talk on some socially or ethically relevant topic is held. After the question answer session, an intense kirtan inspires the young to shed off their inhibitions and experience spiritual ecstasy. This singing and dancing session contains a wonderful mix of traditional musical instruments like mrdangas and cymbals, blended with modern electronic synthesizers, guitars and Zambay.

Seminars on youth leadership

The training content will touch upon cultural cooperation, communication, motivation and training. Furthermore, participants will learn about group dynamics, conflict management and project management skills. All topics introduced at the training are focused on how to act local with a global mind-set.The knowledge and tools you learn at the seminar give you experience relevant to your education, job or organizational work.

The seminar focuses on following topics:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Facilitation
  • Group dynamics
  • Conflict management
  • Project management


We give you a theme every month. You design a poster on the theme. The best design every month gets printed and the designer gets to participate in the next IYS camp for FREE!


We give you a topic every month. You compose an article on it. The best article each month gets a one year subscription of the International Back to Godhead magazine FREE!


You inspire new boys to come for IYS events that we have every month. They refer you during registration. The highest inspirer each month wins a Govinda’s special pizza FREE!

Spiritual retreat

The IYS yatra is a spiritual retreat to different holy places like Vrindavan, Mayapur, Ujjain, Chitrakoot, Badrinath, Dwarka, Jagannath Puri etc. To provide the participants a first-hand experience of the rich spiritual heritage of India.

Regular short & long distance trips to various holy places give amazing boost to participants’ spiritual dimension, along with giving them an opportunity to bathe in the wondrous association of devotees and the merciful darshans of the pure devotees and deities in the holy dham. These trips have shown to inculcate experiences of service attitude, constant chanting of the holy names, sweet appreciation and memories of the beautiful dhamas and instill in them increased commitment to their sadhana and service.