Journey Of Self Discovery

Journey Of Self Discovery


  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Why I am forced to act against my desires?
  • Who am I?
  • Is there any justice in the world?
  • How to connect with Supreme?
  • Is there life after death?
  • How do these questions really matter?

Here is an opportunity for you to Discover Yourself the answers to these mysteries of life, in a warm, welcoming, and peaceful atmosphere. We are excited to invite you to the interactive “JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY” programs in your neighborhood. These programs consist of music, mantra-meditation, philosophical discussion, and dinner.

At these Self-Discovery programs you will meet many like-minded, growth-oriented people like yourself, and likely make many new friends.

We would also recommend bringing family members and friends to the program. This will not only give you support, but also help you connect on a deeper level with them.

Day-1 : Search for Happiness.

Every one of us is searching for happiness. But we find that somehow or other this happiness keeps eluding us for the nature of the world is ever changing .So happiness alternates with distress, which reduces the possibility of real and eternal happiness to utopian dream.

Day-2 : Does God really exist? Are scriptures words of God?

All the scriptures of the world reveal that Supreme Being is the cause of all causes. Scriptures show us the path of liberation from the miseries and distress of this mortal world and lead us to the path of enlightenment. The question posed to human civilization is Who knows God and who has seen God? Is it just supernatural power or what?

Day-3 : Who is God? One God or Many Gods?

There are various conceptions of God in today’s society, yet there is a lack of coherent understanding of the Absolute Truth , due to different religions. Also there is a great confusion about the nature of the Absolute Truth and our relationship with it . Proper understand in of this science of Absolute Truth can solve confronting problems such as bloody wars , racial conflicts, environment crises, etc.

Day-4 : Life after death, Fact or Fiction ? Who am I ?

No scientist has successfully explained through laboratory investigations the mystery of consciousness or its destination after the destruction of the material body. One must come to acknowledge the fundamental concept of consciousness as an energy distinct from , and superior to the matter composing the physical body. In this age of global uncertainty , it is therefore imperative that we understand the real origin of our conscious selves , how we can find ourselves in different bodies and conditions of life, and our destination at the time of death.

Day-5 : Infallible Justice : The Laws of Karma, Why bad things happen to good people?

The Vedic literature explains human activity , when devoid of service to Lord, is governed by law of Karma. This is the familiar law of action and reaction as it pertains to what we do in this world and the enjoyment and suffering we experience as a result. The phenomenon of reincarnation comes in central feature to facilitate these endless actions and reaction and to explain the human destiny. Destiny? Yes Why is one child born in wealthy family in United States of America , while another is born among starving peasants in Ethiopia?

Day-6 : The complete Science and Perfection of Yoga

The most misconceived and misinterpreted term : “Yoga” What does it mean? Some physical exercise to tune up your disproportionate bodies , or to improve your health, or to increase mind power! No, the real yoga explained in the scriptures is far different from these modern day perversions. What is the process of Yoga and how it can help you achieve the highest goal of life is the subject matter of discussion here.

An interactive Q & A session and simple method of meditation is an added feature of the seminar.

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