Pushya Abhishek


We at Radha Gopinath temple invite you to the first festival of the new year-“Pushya Abhishek”- The festival of flowers. It is one of the most colorful and joyous celebration involving flowers. This is the day when Sri Sri Radha Gopinathji are showered with petals. Its literally raining blossoms of various colors. The festival then takes a more personal turn when the offered petals are then showered on the visitors. People from all walks of life participate in this floral Holi. All misgivings are forgotten and devotees find a sense of unity in this ceremony. The deities of Radha Gopinath are dressed in gorgeous flower dresses and magnificent garlands painstakingly made by many hardworking devotees. Flowers of various varieties lotuses, orchids, roses, jasmines all make their way to decorate the Lord. Care is taken to obtain the best quality of flowers from the places where they grow best. But underlying the festival is a fundamental truth about our lives. We are living a limited life just like a flower. A flower lasts for a day or two but gives fragrance and brings joy in that short time. It inspires us to dedicate our lives in service and devotion. Krishna explains in Bhagvat Gita- Patram, pushpam, phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati tad aham bhakty-upahritam ashnami prayatatmanah. That is if a person offers with love and devotion, a leaf, flower , fruit or a little water I will accept it. Participate in this colorful festival by sponsoring flowers and garlands for their Lordships.

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