Difficulties are meant for transformation

In life action and reflection go hand in hand. We should take out time to reflect on – where we have been, where we are, where is our life leading to, and where we wanted it to be. We should ponder over what good things we have done and what can we do more. Also, we should look at our mistakes and failures and churn some lessons from them

Difficult situations, that we come across, are also simply meant for transformation; situations that we bring upon ourselves by the choices we make. But, later we realize that these situations helped us to choose a pure and better life. That’s the purpose of life that every situation is meant to help us to transform our consciousness positively.

Difficult situations may thus seem like punishment and suffering but this punishment is meant for rectification and transformation. If we will deal with difficult situations in this mood, such situation will not inflict suffering and depression upon us, but they will penetrate deep in our heart and the mind so that we learn some lessons and transform.

Whenever we come across such situations, we should not be depressed but tackle them with positivity. In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells to Arjuna to get rid of depression and do something positive. A moment of difficulty in life is meant to rise us up and choose right actions with conviction and determination. Also, in such situations we should ponder upon our mistakes and how they we have hampered our relation with God, with our loved ones, our friends, with the society, with our occupation and all the stakeholders around us. In religious history, there are several examples which talk about concept of repentance; repentance is healthy if done in proper consciousness as it can lead to positive transformation.

Thus, we should have some milestones in our life to make these reflections which can help us transform our consciousness and make a resolution – I am going to dedicate this moment, this day, this year, and this life for a purpose – to serve God.

— Radhanath Swami

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