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Festivals of Radhagopinath Temple | Radhagopinath.com


Festival at Radhagopinath Temple

Festivals were an integral part of ancient Vedic Culture. They made spiritual progress a fun-filled experience. But with time, the spiritual aspect took a back seat and most festivals glided down to mere hollow entertainments, that which fondled the mind and senses, but never touched the soul. Having already lost its spiritual core, even the hollow externals of these festivals have plummeted in popularity in recent times; electronic entertainment is widely accepted as the better alternative.

The festivals at Radha Gopinath Temple are celebrated in their totality—to nourish the senses, mind and soul. The original Vedic flavor is thus revived, and anyone who participates in them can vouch that there is no modern day substitute for these soul-touching experiences.

Common features of every festival are beautiful decorations, fragrant flowers, fine music, and the best of food, all offered for the pleasure of the Lord, and after the Lord accepts them, the devotees are nourished by His remnants. The philosophy of Bhakti Yoga gives us the understanding that God is a person and when we provide pleasure to His senses, real pleasure inundates our soul. But if we try to please our own senses independently, the soul remains bereft of any pleasure. The soul’s constitutional position is to enjoy in cooperation with the Lord, and not independent of Him.

With the Lord in the form of His deity being the centre, unity and loving relationships within the community is enhanced with each festival. We can better understand the dynamics of this phenomenon using an analogy. If we throw stones at different places in a placid pond, the ripples created will intersect each other and create a commotion within the waters. But if all stones are thrown at a central point, every stone that is thrown only goes to enhance the beauty of the ripple formation, every ripple having the same centre.

Festivals Celebrated at Radhagopinath Temple


Festival of Sandalwood

Festival of Flowers

Festival of Food

Festival of Dramas

Festival of Boat Ride

Festival of Water Sports

Festival of Swing

Festival of Colors

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  1. Sumit Sharma says:

    Wonderful sharing.

  2. Kalpana Kulkarni says:

    It’s wonderful to know about the importance of celebrating festivals.

  3. NILAM K K says:

    Had a wonderful experience celebrating the festival of flowers and was lucky to attend the fest on 25.01.14. One must attend this function held every year, feeling blessed by the Supreme lord !!!!!

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